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At Your Path Family Law, we believe that every person facing a legal matter deserves the opportunity to create their own path to the future. Attorney Rachel Gruetzner established Your Path Family Law to provide quality legal representation to individuals of every income level - at predictable prices.   

Most attorneys bill clients at an hourly rate. As a result, most attorneys do not – and cannot – tell their clients how much the case is going to cost until it’s over.  The longer your case continues – the more it will cost. Yet, the client has limited control over how long the case will take. 

Choosing your attorney in a domestic relations matter is a serious purchase and an investment in your future. Would you buy a car without knowing how much it would cost? Of course not. 

Your Path Family Law, seeking to remedy this problem, has adopted a unique pricing scale for legal services at flat fees.  

Before you hire Your Path Family Law, you will know exactly how much you are paying for your service. 

During your consultation, we will discuss and agree on the fee and the scope of the services. 

There are two ways that Your Path Family Law provides predictably priced representation to clients with a variety of budgets – full representation, or limited scope representation (also referred to as LSR or unbundled services). 

Flat flee billing for Full Representation

If you want your attorney to represent you in your matter from the date of the engagement, until the conclusion of the case, and for your attorney to be responsible for managing every aspect of your case, then you are looking for full representation. In a full representation arrangement, Your Path Family Law will represent you from start to finish which includes appearing in court, collecting information (also referred to as discovery), attending mediation, and preparing final orders or judgments for you as necessary.  

Contact us to schedule a consultation to get a quote for full representation in your matter.

Limited Scope Representation

Limited Scope Representation (“LSR”) is also referred to as unbundled legal services. LSR is when an attorney and a client have an agreement that the attorney will handle only specific parts of the client’s legal matter, while the client will be responsible for other parts.  LSR allows clients with tight budgets to ensure that they get assistance in their legal matter when needed. It is also a good option for clients that prefer to be more involved in their process by taking on greater responsibility. 

Some examples of when Limited Scope Representation may be appropriate: 

1) You have already filed a motion in the court on your own and appeared for a motion hearing. The Court set your case for an evidentiary hearing, and you have been advised that you will be held to the standard of an attorney. 

2) You and your spouse have agreed how to divide your assets, share time with your children, and have agreed on support, but you want to make sure the agreement and support orders are properly drafted and executed. 

3) You want to handle your case on your own, but you need legal coaching to figure out how the process works. 

4) You filed a motion in the court, but you are afraid to talk to the judge on your own. 

5) You need to file a motion on a legal issue but are not sure how to write it. You feel you can represent yourself in court, but you want someone to help you with the paperwork. 

Not every case is suited to limited scope representation.  Your Path Family Law will assess your situation with you to determine whether limited scope representation is a good idea for you.  Your Path Family Law may refuse to provide limited scope services to you depending on the circumstances of your case. 

Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss whether limited scope representation is an option in your case.

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